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Welcome To GD Catering

Founded in 1999 by executive chef Patrick Adams, GD Catering was designed to be a departure from the ordinary.
We are a full-service catering company. Not only will we cater delicious gourmet meals, we can also provide stylish designs, fabulous arrangements, and even entertainment.

Allow GD Catering to make your next event exceptional and you will be the talk of the town.

Patrick Adams

About our Executive Chef

Patrick Adam is no ordinary chef. As a pre-teen, he had a knack for cooking up meals for his mom. What we did not realize was that his passion would later culminate into a career. Upon his graduation, Adams decided to pursue a career as a professional chef.

Hehoned his skills by traveling and cooking in places like Istanbul, China, France, and Morocco just to name a few. He has held positions at J&M Family Fleet of Yachts, Mar-A-Largo, Hunter’s Run Golf, Racquet Club, and Four Seasons Palm Beach. He is a chef that finds pleasure in having his client’s palate salivate for more.

Because of his creative unparallel menus coupled with attention to detail, chef brings something unique to the table. He has been featured in magazines such as Wine and Spirit and Vive Magazine. His international and bicoastal clients include Dan Marino, Mike Tyson, Michael Moore, Bill Gates, Lebron James, Dewayne Wade, Jeff Bezos, Joe Montana, and even cooked for President Barack Obama.